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Final update!
New computer arrived Friday. Nothing fancy, 3.1G speed quad core processor, 8G RAM, new 256G SSD (quiet!) $209 refurbished from Micomp through with a 4 year full coverage extended warranty for $45.

Spent Friday night and Saturday morning (and yesterday morning, too) getting all my software and files transferred and downloaded/authorized.
It's so nice to have crystal clear sound again, and there's no doubt my old Tascam interface, although it served me well for years, was past its prime.

Reaper 6.0 - I was very used to 4.0's GUI. I don't like how I no longer have volume, pan and width sliders on the track view track controls. Haven't figured out how to get them back (4.0 theme is not available, only 5.0 and 'classic' and 6.0/custom).
Also trying to figure out how to change some defaults (like track monitoring always on when you arm a new track to record)
I realized I had not transferred over my folder of reverb IRs (over 500 of them!), and had to plug in the old computer yesterday to retrieve them.
The old computer would sometimes take several minutes to load up Reaper and all my VSTs, this new one does it in less than 15 seconds.
For some reason, my reverb bus outputs seem to be much louder than previously, at least when creating new projects, have not messed with old ones yet, as I was tracking a couple of new songs.

Saffire 8i6 - wow, this interface's preamp inputs are transparent! Haven't tried the 'air' input feature yet.

EZDrummer and PodFarm licenses/downloads were painless (it helps to have log-ins/passwords saved).

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