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Quick Update,

I have fitted the K&K pure mini to my Seagull S6. There was plenty of room on the bridge plate for the elements.

I followed the instruction booklet to the letter (including using a 12mm forstner bit for the jack plug, and recommended gel superglue for installation rather than tape) and I'm getting a nice strong and balanced signal across the strings. The installation is a little complex (but achievable), and I did practice each stage; including testing the p/u elements before fitting and drilling a piece of scrap wood to double check the forstner bit was sharp and matched the jack size. It was worth reading all the way through the instruction book before starting because there are some tips for installation later in the leaflet you would miss if you just sequentially followed the instructions.

The installation instructions are available on the K&K website so you can read them before buying the pick-up to decide if it's a job for you or a guitar tech.
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