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I think the fact that the built-in audio doesn't crackle but the Focusrite does crackle points to a latency issue. This is nearly always a driver issue and not necessarily the Focusrite audio driver. Is the Focusrite audio driver certified for your version of Windows 7?

Latencymon is your friend here if you can understand what it's telling you.
If you had faulty ram your computer would just crash. A faulty hard drive would cause all sorts of problems and is probably not the case here either.

Back when I was still using Windws XP I had all sorts of issues. Even the acclaimed RME driver for my Babyface audio interface crackled like mad on some of my older computers.

Unfortunately unlike an Apple computer the many drivers required to run a Windows computer are often 3rd party (not Microsoft) and it only takes one badly written driver to trash low-latency audio.
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