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Originally Posted by Knives&Guitars View Post
Tell me more jim1960. This looks very nice. What will it sell for?
They're going to sell it for $799 but they usually have a discounted introductory price when they first come out with something new. That usually lasts a couple of weeks. I'm guessing it will be $699 at first, based on past history.

What's very cool about this unit is that they've managed to get all the adjustments from the back of the original unit onto the front of this module. The only adjustment that appears to be different is the pad. There are plans to build a 1-rack unit version down the road but this 500 series version will be out first. The 500 also likely to be a fair bit cheaper since it doesn't need its own power supply (my 500 rack happens to have 4 empty slots at the moment ). These units will have custom wound transformers that are true to the original. Also, these units will be slightly different from the original in that they'll all have the Clearmountain mod from the get-go. The original LA3A was a bit noisy and many decades ago someone figured out how to lower the noise without compromising the sound.

LA3As are great on acoustic guitar and aren't too shabby on vox either. If you're not familiar with Audio-Scape gear, google them and see what people are saying. They make really top notch stuff at ridiculously good prices. I own six of their boxes and every one of them makes my ears smile.
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