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Originally Posted by MaurysMusic View Post
Iím very curious to hear more about the LR Baggs soundscape. Anyone try it?
I was at NAMM all day Thursday and did very,very briefly try the new Baggs.
Very impressive! Personally I am not one for emulations in recording...but I do realize for Live playing this could solve lots of problems. Live Sound for acoustic guitarist has always been a problem. Being able to cut through, to be heard, is not an easy task. This new device certainly has lots of potential for solving those problems.
Possibly one of its greater features was the linking to your phone and being able to display an interactive EQ graph. Simply by the touch of your fingers you can raise any point in the EQ graph. Visual confirmation is always nice.
Unfortunately, I was a bit under the weather and did not put it through a heavy test. For myself, the real question is how will it perform under extreme dynamic playing...Going for gentle finger-style to ultra heavy Townsend like strumming. Will it be able to handle the wide dynamic range without distortion?
Someone else will have to answer that question.
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