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Originally Posted by Photojeep View Post
A little while ago someone asked me how long I'd been playing guitar.

"50 years", I said.

Then I thought to myself, "Boy, I should be a lot better than I am."

Shortly thereafter someone at church told me how much they love my music.

Brought it full circle for me.


PS (I still play every day to get better, and I have no idea if I'll ever get any better but I'm having a lot of fun along the way!)
This really resonates with me!! This is a great thread and I"ve enjoyed it a lot.
My guitar journey started just over 50 years ago..........and I can relate to the 'should be much better" comment!. However, I'm so very taken when folks let me know how much my music means to them, that the "full circle" concept for me is quite powerful and adds incentive to stay my course (instead THE course) and continue to do what I can in the best way possible.
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