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Beautiful looking- Im disappointed with the laminate. If you have a solid ďcoreĒ why not finish that and see how it looks? Slapping a koa wood sticker on there doesnít sit right in my soul.
The myriad of neck adjustment makes me think they bolted on a neck, and all those shims or whatever the micro adjustments- they will loosen, rattle- and annoy.
They also kept mentioning standard scale tone as better- bigger than a short scale...
Thatís nonsense too. In my side by side comparison of different scale- the feel comes from the scale- and guitar size- I think there are far more variables to tone than scale.
13 fret- weird. Gimmick. nice to move the head closer so yo donít have to reach that distant 3/4 inch for short scale feel- no again, that feel comes from lower tension on the strings, not the reach.
Maybe Iíll change my mind when i play one, but Iím pretty skeptical.

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