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Default Time for a new Audio Interface

I've been using a Tascam US800 for about 8 years now. More inputs than I needed, but got a great 'barely used' deal from someone who just got it for demo purposes. I never used more than 3 inputs simultaneously for recording, but it was convenient to have rear line inputs to keep my keyboard plugged in, two headphone jacks. The non-balanced RCA outputs were never an issue, despite adapters to go to balanced inputs on my monitors.

However, one of the output jacks stopped working, and can't be remedied as the jacks are part of an assembly directly mounted to the PC board. I'm using an adapter to split one of the headphone outputs to my monitors, but there is a buzz/hum doing that.

So I've got to replace it. I'm looking at the Tascam 4x4, as it has the features I need, only thing I am concerned about is driver problems (reading reviews, it seems some users did have them). It looks like Tascam may have discontinued this AI, so I need to hop on it if I want to get one as their new line of AIs are much more expensive, and I fear may not be compatible with my old Win 7 OS on my studio PC. The 4x4 is on Amazon for $165, I can't see any other options with at least 4 inputs in that price range except the Behringer 404, and I am not partial to Behr products. Of course if there are problems getting the Tascam working due to the drivers, Amazon returns are easy.

Comments/suggestions welcome.

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