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Default Fishman Prefix Solder Connections

Previously posted in a different section, hoping to get better advice by posting here...

Hi, From a Taylor 310-CE. I rarely plug it in, but have recently noticed there is no signal coming from the preamp.

Taking the Fishman Prefix unit out of the body of the guitar, an inspection revealed two solder connections that have come loose. I'm unable to attach a photo, but the bundle of three wires in the gray sleeve are the ones I'm concerned about. I believe they originate at the output jack.

At the PCB end of this bundle, there appears to be an uninsulated wire that is still connected, a silver or white insulated wire that is disconnected, and a black insulated wire that is also disconnected. My solder skills are competent enough to reflow these solder joints, but I don't know which wire goes to which circuit.

Can someone who knows or has one of these they can inspect to let me know the correct connections?

Thank you!
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