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À search for 'plastic' and 'pellet' and 'carbon' returns lots of info about the industrial processes for ABS (and other plastics) infused with carbon or glass or wood or other fibres. (Différent from resin pre-impregnated carbon fabric, or carbon fabric soused with resin)

The reinforcement makes the host material stronger, more durable and more resilient. Good features for industrial and consumer products like car bumpers, wheely bins, roto moulded kayaks, etc.

The raw material is bulk shipped as granules or pellets that are melted for molding or extruding etc

Specific formulations been found suitable for ukuleles (Enya Music, Outdoor Ukulele), banjos (Gold Tone Music), and guitars (LAVA Music).

Lava Music has gone a step further to design lattice pattern tops they say are thin, strong, resonant and musical.

And probably faster and cheaper to make. Moderate cost is important in Lava Music's primary China and south east Asia markets where many customers are newly able to afford to buy some of the things commonly available in more developed markets. (what percentage of 3-4 billion people do they need to prosper?)

Since very few of their customers have the experience and expectations of guitar customers in developed markets, LAVA and Enya are free to define the local market expectations:
* commodity and simplification approach to encourage inexperienced customers
* sleek styling to show family and friends the money is well spent
* good music performance (and excellent to follow)
* bonus innovations like acoustasonic
* many accessories bundled (often case, strap, tuner, spare strings, etc) to offer a price 'ready to play'
* heading off warranty complaints by applying some materials that are more durable (laminated, HPL, ABS, carbon, etc) that are more durable than solid wood in humid equatorial summers and dry winter climates.

Fascinating to marketing and manufacturing geeks.


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