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Originally Posted by slibbinas View Post
I am shure they use kind of epoxy/resin and shreded plain fiber. There are no layered structure or pellets seen. It is looks like molded plastic that reminds me the way of making 3d printing filaments infused with carbon fiber. I think this is the same way of producing the material they call Airsonic.. or what ever they call it...
I mean that Carbon Fibre definition does not define the way it is produced, or epoxy used. Only the conductivity tells that it has a lot of carbon fibre. So technically it is CF if it has carbon and conductivity.
In the Lava Me video I viewed a year or two ago, they actually showed the blackish pellets that were used in the process in some container. They were the same size pellets I am familiar with from a past life, that are used by manufacturers of various types of medical devices.

The pellets would be stored in large bins made of some type of clean fiber reinforced nylon or other synthetic cloth. The pellets were fed continually into some fairly complex line equipment where they were melted and extruded using high pressure.

The video showed the Lava Me mold and I don't recall how much of the process, but it was clear that at some point that what becomes the body of the guitar (and I 'think' the rest of the guitar as well) is first liquefied pellets.

I can only guess they are something like you find here
but in the Lava Me video they looked cleaner and more uniform than the pellets from this supplier.

I don't have the time to track down that original video, but I'm sure it still exists out there somewhere.
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