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Originally Posted by Larry Pattis View Post
The O.O. guitar arrived just after the end of my January tour, and a few things were immediately apparent to me:

1) Osage Orange is a *great* wood-choice for an acoustic guitar.

2) Tom Rein really knows what the heck he is doing.

3) This particular O.O. Tom Rein guitar is a monster, right out of the box (as the saying goes).

This guitar was/is literally (not figuratively) perfect to my ears, right away. The focus and response, from bass to mids to trebles, is as perfect as any new guitar I have played.Clarity as I had experienced with the Malaysian Blackwood (25.4" scale) guitar that was my introduction to Tom's work, and surprisingly (with the 24.9" scale), an even-better bass response.

The other thing worth mentioning (re: #2 above) is that I had a custom set of specs for the fingerboard geometry, and also how the bridge/strings lined-up with the neck, and Tom nailed it. The playability is quite perfect in all regards, not the least of which is the ability to micro-manage the action via Tom's RJN-adjustable neck feature.

There's really not much more that needs to be said (or can be said)...and I hope I can offer some proof/pudding via YouTube shortly...
Thank you for providing your expert feedback on Osage Orange and on Tom's work overall. I admire your use of an 'alternative' tonewood as there is only a finite amount of rosewood and mahogany so other choices will need to be considered in the future if for nothing else, out of necessity. I have spoken to Tom over the course of your build and he echoes your sentiment so here's to O.O.-"the domestic brazilian!"

Speaking of Tom, it's reaffirming to read your praise of his work. I echo your sentiments about the bass with a 24.9" scale length as my rjn-5 is the same and it astounds me. Your video really highlights the clarity and string to string separation that is characteristic of his voicing. Congrats on your new guitar, I can't imagine it in much better hands!
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