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Originally Posted by KingCavalier View Post
Very nice work, great looking Guitar.
Thanks very much
Originally Posted by Monsoon1 View Post
Absolutely brilliant.
Thanks a lot
Originally Posted by Quickstep192 View Post
The leopardwood converging on that beautiful end block is simply fabulous.

Please, please, please donít let anyone put and endpin in there!!
Yea. I know what you are saying. My dad asked for one so it is supposed to have a pickup fitted to it. I didn't have the time in the end to install it while I was home in England over the holiday period so the Dazzo pickup is just sitting there on the window sill ready to go in at some point the next time i'm back over there. I haven't come up with a better solution (for retrofitting) than a typical endpin, even here when it would be right though the nice detail, I sure as anything don't want to put the jack in the side of the guitar and i'm not really all into a wire coming out the soundhole either. I have thought about some kind of wood (not metal) Stratocaster style angled socket, kinda hidden on the back of the guitar right by the end block, but i'd have to build the end block differently if I wanted to go in that direction.
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