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Originally Posted by Neil K Walk View Post
essentially a soap opera in space
I concur. I made it to about episode 10, I think, and all I really remember besides broad plot points is a lot of heavy smoldering gazes. Felt like I was being strong-armed into sympathizing with characters I didn't care about at all.

On the other hand, re: liking the villains, I think that's quite deliberate. Probably there's a pretty good message to be read between the lines, if my eyes didn't glaze over quite so quickly at our heroes' Deep Emotions... lazy tropes being inverted, stereotypes being addressed from a relatively uncommon angle, etc--but it feels like it was planned by a committee. I have a comparable reaction to The Orville, which I stopped watching at around the same time. Meanwhile, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency gets canceled. Sigh.
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