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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
If you do it right away there won't be a tanline.

I've taken off two pick guards. My Larrivee that was used, no issues other than tan lines which after 10 years are fading. Recently I took the guard off my J-45. The finish didn't cure enough when the factory put the guard on. So when I took it off there is a slight ripple in some areas that can be seen at a certain angle. I can't see it when I play it though.
That's not too encouraging I emailed Ibanez to find out if they finish the guitar before or after the pickguard is put on. Even some Martins were done after. If it sounds good I may leave it but allowed cure time from Ibanez is the key. Being brand new it's a gamble.

Originally Posted by Willie Voltaire View Post
If this is an option, it's absolutely the route I would take. Guitars sound different in the hand than on videos.
It MAY be an option... I'm not sure yet but if it is I will certainly do it.
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