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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
I first heard of Franklin guitars around 1987, but I’ve never had an opportunity to hear or play one. Yours is looking great. My 000 made by Alan Carruth has a brushed varnish finish. It provides a wonderful look, and I imagine a contribution to the sound. I think you’ll really like it, but be aware it won’t have the dent protection of some other finishes.
Thanks for the heads up! I won't be taking this guitar out of the house much, at least at first, and otherwise I'll just have to be super careful. As Jwills57 notes, the varnish should continue to cure and harden so it will become more dent resistant -- but part of varnish's sonic appeal comes from it's being less hard than lacquer, so it's a trade-off!

Originally Posted by Jwills57 View Post
I have two OOOO-style guitars from the luthier Pat Foster, which both have varnish finish. Both guitars look about exactly like your guitar, except mine have old-style pyramid bridges. I love the varnish finish. I've done quite a bot of reading about it. Varnish just continues to cure over the years. It's a tough, flexible, beautiful finish, I think, and acoustically highly transparent. You'r going to love that guitar, I guarantee it!
That's good to hear. Your guitars sound very cool, and I am really excited (as is Nick) about the varnish finish on my Franklin. I am impatient!
I haven't played either Carruth or Foster guitars, but I checked out their websites, and they both look like really nice instruments.

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