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Originally Posted by H165 View Post
I am no expert in the fine nuances here. It seems like automation vs compression is sort of an odd discussion when it's just a one track recording. Compression is often applied to one track and automation is often applied to the whole recording (in this case, one track).
Well yes and no,
While compression and automation are definitely two different methods , either can be used to tame transient attack, on a solo guitar recording

Yes certainly automation can be applied to an entire recording BUT
As Doug noted and Rick mentioned , it can also be applied to any single section of a single track, and even to a single transient of very short duration on a single track. And as noted can applied to any single track parameter, for any portion of a track, or any plugin parameter for any portion of a track.

One example: I just finished mixing a vocal , where I applied a short duration tape echo plugin (to get a delay type effect) to the entire vocal track in parallel,,, and I also applied that same plugin directly on the vocal track with a longer single repeat on just a few words in that vocal. (so it's automated to be in "Bypass" except for just the words I want echo repeated. But as Doug mentioned I could have simply only use the one plugin on the vocal track itself, and automated the duration parameter to be short for entire track but change to longer for just the words I wanted repeated .
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