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Originally Posted by dennisczech View Post
So when are we going to hear it? I like the look of this instrument, as well as your approach to building with what you've got, very refreshing.
I almost forgot to do that my apologies. I have a soundclip I shot when it was maybe 8-9 days old. It's with it's new owner now so unfortunately this is the only soundclip I have currently. I might ask him to bring it back sometime to record a new clip in the future.

To summarize the tone in person. It's a very mellow, warm and woody sounding guitar, the volume isn't what a dreadnought is (to be fair it's not a dreadnought) but the fundamentals are extremely strong and the high end has a lovely warmth and depth to it. The high B and E strings have very little zing or singeyness to them but retain a high amount of strength. This guitar is not a bluegrasser but you could definitely flatpick it and get some strong responses out of it. Shorter scale length keeps the playability high and helps to amplify the woodiness.

One of the things I wanted to try to capture was a "width" to the tone. It's very difficult to describe what a "wide" sounding guitar is but a good example is the type of sound that Tony Rice usually got out of his old Martin on alot of the old recordings.

The "width" I was going for is definitely there so that goal was accomplished. But it is still really new so it'll take a while for it to break in. Usually around the 2-3 month mark I've found guitars start to really develop their voice with a good bit of playing every day. Not sure how well the tone translates through youtube speakers but hopefully you get an idea of what I was going for with the video.
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