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About 18 months I bought an Alhambra 7fc (flamenco) after playing only steel strings for, er, forty something years. Though I don't play flamenco, I write my own material which has iberian/celtic influences.

Back in April, I ordererd three sets of strings to try to compare them. And just yesterday I put the latest set on. This was because I broke the D string. (What I usually find is that the D begins to unwind, shedding bits of metal, and that means it's time to change. In all 5 sets over 18 months. Probably I should aim to change every quarter.)

So, I bought:

Savarez 500AJ
Savarez 520R Classic Guitar Strings
Hannabach 500HT High Tension

The 500AJ were expensive, and pretty clean sounding. The 520R sound is a bit more dirty, maybe more flamenco, certainly has less bass-presence which to my ear makes them to thin, but would leave more room for, eg, a double bass. And the 500HT, which were the cheapest, well difficult to tell them apart from the 500AJ... pretty clean sounding.

I will not buy the 520R again, but I will try the 500AJ and the 500HT.

Cheers... your mileage may vary.
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