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Originally Posted by shufflebeat View Post
I keep my mandola in CGCF which is great for hammer/pull arpeggios, drone-y chords and walking bass lines (or harmonies thereof). Works great with capo for easy access to almost any key.

The keenly observant will notice it has the same intervals as the 4 bass strings of DADGAD which has similar properties and if you've ever explored that it'll be a doddle.
That's an excellent idea. I use a small variation on that CGCG (which is not uncommon for octave mandolins). This approach yields a fifth-fourth-fifth set of intervals between strings and makes for some recognizable double stops in the middle courses. It is also reminds me of open C tuning on a banjo, if that makes sense.

0h, yeah, just remembered - it also kept the grubby paws of one grumpy fiddle player I used to play with off my mandola - he just didn't want to fool with alternate tunings...
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