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near as i can tell, after reading all the posts on here (just search: "copyright" and you'll find a very informative thread all about the ins/ may have also been on that one, but i can't remember) and going through the "process" with the guvs, i'm not sure it provides much of anything.

sure, i guess if someone recorded it or created some derivative work from it and didn't pay some sort of fee, i could try to get some compensation, but i tend to agree with you, it's just sort of prima facie evidence of ownership.

also, i didn't load a recording...just claimed lyrics, music, and arrangement. to be honest, i was also motivated to give a friend a piece of it; she's been instrumental (pun intended) in my guitar babysteps and she [patiently] helped me suss out the beginnings of a song from my lyrics. i ended up changing a lot, but it will be cool to send her a copy of the copyright with her name on it some day (if it all works out, of course).
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