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Originally Posted by Cybenator View Post
Coming from a person with small hands. Looking at older, 40's-50's-60's archtops, do they all have baseball bat type necks? Is there a brand-and/or model I should be concentrating on?

Hoping to keep it under $1100 to the door.. Exceptions could be made.
I would think that Guild should be the first place to look if you require a smaller neck.

They had a substantial footprint in the archtop arena, and a bunch of different models.

Here's a link where the parameters are $1000-1500 Guild, you'll see a couple of possibilities. The sellers often take 'offers', so check it out.

You may find that 'baseball' type necks not only vary a whole lot, but often times larger necks are far easier to play than smaller narrow necks.

Do NOT allow your "logic" to override what your hands have to say.

In other words: Play them, take notes, observe.

Happy hunting!

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