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Originally Posted by rokdog49 View Post
Eastman quality is on par with just about anything being mass produced today with the exception of the smaller builders.

I'm just curious, what's your "skin in the game"? Why do you care what others think of Eastman guitars?

I've played exactly two (2) Eastman guitars. Both were brought to me for setups. Both were, in my opinion, sub-par in both workmanship and sound quality for their price. I went so far on one of them to record it and analyze its response - frequency response curves, sound wave form, onset transient, decay, overtone distribution - to verify what my ears were telling me. Regardless of how it was made - by hand, machine, CNC - it would have been an awful sounding guitar - to me - for half of its selling price. I'm fully aware that one person's "perfect" sounding guitar is another's reject. Each of the owners of those two guitars liked their guitars. (Presumably, they wouldn't have bought them if they didn't.)

To be clear, two guitars is not a sufficiently large sample to come to any conclusions regarding Eastman guitars. However, that was my experience with the two I have examined. I have no opinion on Eastman guitars as a whole and have no objection to those who like them - or those that don't.
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