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Default NGD for me..MARTIN 000X1AE

I received my new guitar. A Martin 000X1AE. I read and watched a ton of reviews before ordering and wasn't sure what to expect. I felt like I was rolling the dice a little but all is well. The action is exactly as i like it.. it is as low as it can possibly be without any buzzing. The neck is awesome..I love the feel of he neck and the finish on it..I also like the fretboard as it feels some flatter than my old Wahburn. Bare chords are easy and neck is the looks of the guitar. Mine has the HPL in rosewood for sides and back. I love the 000 body shape it feels perfect as far as size for comfort and doesn't seem to sacrifice tone in the smaller body. My only complaint is the strings.. they seem to be going dead. I noticed on a few Martin's I played in a local store most of them all sounded dead.. the owner stated that the strings needed changed. This brings me to my question.. this model comes from Martin with the Martin SP 92/8 Light gauge 12-54 strings. I would like to put Elixir acoustic strings on. I want the gauge of each string to be same as what comes on it as I want to ensure they stings fit the nut and the action will be same because its so good. So.... is the dimension in gauge on the elixir strings figured before the coating or after? If its figured before coating then with the coating they will be thicker than what came on it. Can someone help me with this. Thanks I will try to attach pics of my new Martin if someone can tell me how. I do not see an attachment area.. I took a few pics to share thanks
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