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Get a multi FX pedal. Yes, I get it that your amp has effects, but you also have to go over to the amp, lean down and turn knobs to affect change.

Get a Zoom G1Four or G1FourX. Most of the presets are crap, but you can delete and add amp models, pedal, cab sims. There is a small learning curve, but not difficult to learn. You can build and use a lot of very usable tones.

The ability to use several effects at once is a huge advantage over just your amp alone. Overdrive, phaser, flanger, tremelo, vibrato, reverb, delay, chorus, etc - too many to remember. Set you amp up for great cleans and then just add dirt or effects through your pedal. I have a couple of fantastic OD pedals, but use my Zoom for gigging, as it runs on batteries and no need for a power supply + it has a small footprint.

You may want a tube amp later, or maybe not - it depends on how far you take it. I have 3, but usually opt for using an amp sim pedal straight into the PA now. Most people cannot hear the difference.

If you do go the tube amp route, a good multi FX unit will only sound better with it and you'll know how to use it.

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