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I like the onboard delay. Once again, just to be clear, my amp is a Fender Champ 20. The tremolo is fantastic. The reverb is okay. The chorus is pretty good. The wah isn't bad but, even with the tones I like, they need to be pushed with the FX level, gain and volume to really get the full effect on most settings. I prefer to play at a volume of 3 or 4 and gain 3 or 4 or 5 and FX level around 5.

Can I get to a tone like John Mayer in this link.?? I'd like anyone to listen to the first 2 and half minutes. Or begin listening at about the 1:40 mark. His tone is just fantastic to me. How do I get there.?? Is his tone here what you would call clean with overdrive.?? Some reverb in there.?? He's playing with the dead doing Cold, Rain and Snow.

Also, I'd like to hear more about dynamic playing. I understand it to be technique. Harmonics. Hammer on's and pull-offs. Dynamic playing is about tone and tonal changes. Pick attack. It's how one colors their playing. Dynamics add culture to the music. Am I warm here.??.....

PLease keep this thread going. I'm learning a lot and I appreciate you all pitching in. And I really want to say this.... I'm playing really good right now. The new Yamaha electric is really just out of this world. I'm playing rythym in ways I never have before. And my melodies are prettier. I'm full on electric right now.!! Right when I didn't think there was an electric guitar made for me. Yamaha did it. And I love this little Fender amp. Powerfull.

Thanks everyone.
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