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Originally Posted by 3notes View Post
Thanks for the great replies. All of them.

I've decided I have no need for any pedals at this time. I think I was kidding myself. Especially in the way that the amp has a ton of onboard effects. I just need to zero in on different tones for different tunes.

That said, would a compression pedal be good for sustain, alone.?? I certainly don't want to limit the "signal." I don't like that sound. Not at this point anyways. And that goes right to the dynamic thing as previously mentioned above. I can live with the highs and lows for now. I want sustain.

Anyways... I play a lot of single note melodies. Would a compression pedal be good for sustain.??

Does your amp has reverb and delay? Another way to add (the illusion) of sustain is with some delay. Listen to David Gilmour how his solos are so spacey and his notes seem to hold on forever. He does use a compressor with the delay, but that tone is mostly delay.
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