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Originally Posted by jdinco View Post
Thanks Evan, I know we are all interested in Jim's progress. Never good to see another Forum member suffering. Plus he puts on some pretty good sound clips he makes with his CF guitars....
Suffering... part of the healing process? It's all good, John. I had a bit of a setback on Saturday: seems I pulled (felt more like a "pop") a muscle while exercising. So, off the cane, back to the walker, and a reduced exercise schedule since then. I am guessing the PT guy will OK me for the cane again tomorrow, so I hope to get back on schedule.

While this current hip situation is occupying most of my time, I come to this forum for the music/guitars discussion. I don't wanna be one of those old guys who talks about his ailments.

On an unrelated subject, I suggested that Mark and I call our duo the Gimpy Hipsters.

Time to go make some music.
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