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I have a Lucky 13 with soundport and I use Elixir PB Medium/Lights on it with the top 3 being Light and of course the bottom or lower strings are mediums. A lot of companies refer to these as Bluegrass Gauge.

I thought this woke up the guitar slightly and really did not hurt the playability from what I could tell.

I've owned all kinds of carbon guitars and really have enjoyed all of them for one reason or another. My favorites tend to be my Emeralds but I really do love the Lucky 13 as it just sounds different than any other carbon I've heard or owned.

It has more midrange attack from what I'm hearing, maybe more of a Gibson tone. I will say no matter what string I've had on it the sustain is not up there in the CA, Rainsong or no where close to what a Emerald produces. This could be what you are hearing as well?

It's plenty loud for it's size but a lot more attack on the front end and not as much sustain is what I'm hearing.

I leave this guitar at my Trio's practice place and it gets plugged in most of the time so really not an issue for what I'm doing with it.

Great guitars and very different sounding compared to other Carbons out there I think.

I hope you can get a sound you enjoy with it! Good Luck!
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