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Default NUD new composite uke day

I received my Blackbird Farallon tenor ukulele in ekoa on Thursday afternoon, and played my first performance with it on Friday afternoon (Christmas carols at an Alzheimer's center). Mahalo to Ted and Helene at LA Guitar Sales for another flawless transaction. It even arrived a day earlier than expected, quite a surprise during this frenzied holiday season.

This is an awesome ukulele, and compares very nicely with my really good wooden ones. As usual for Blackbird, construction quality is top notch. The tone is a little more "forward" or "punchy" than our best Mya Moe handmade mahogany ukulele, but is quite nice in it's own way. We are calling it a "carbony" tone, much the same as the tone of Rainsong CH series is similar to yet different from quality wood guitars.

With this acquisition, my conversion to composites is complete. All of our guitar needs are met, and now there is a ukulele that can also travel without fear. Now it is a matter of selling off the wood instruments than require so much care and feeding. Speaking of which, at 35% RH in the house, it is time to add dampened sponges to the guitar cases this afternoon. I won't miss that chore, but I might miss some wooden tone on occasion.
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