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Originally Posted by Ken Carr View Post
@ jparrilla your low string is too floppy when you tune it down to C? Is your guitar short scale? Try stepping up to a heavier string gauge. CGDGCD tuning is incredible and well worth the effort it will take to get used to it. If your guitar is standard scale there should be no problem with the lowered tension. The first Stephen Wake tune I learned was Rosemary's Sister. Now I am arranging Christian hymns in CGDGCD and it works so well.
I had my Avalon L32C set up for DADGAD with True Mediums, but if I retuned to CGDGCD or similar, I got a bit of buzz on the bottom string. The tiniest tweak to the truss rod fixed that.

I love Stephen Wake, but couldn't get on with his version of Rosemary's Sister as much as other pieces as I am lucky enough to have seen the song's composer, Huw Williams, live nearly twenty times and he played it in EABEBE, so that's the tonality in my head. Not that Stephen's version is bad - far from it - but I always like to make people aware of Huw, who is probably my single biggest source of inspiration.
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