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Here is another article on Karan and Bigfoot guitars done by Guitar Connoisseur Magazine. A great read and great to see Karan continuing to make headlines!

Here are some more pics of the rosette:

I absolutely love the top that Karan chose for me. At first he mentioned bearclaw and since I didn't have any bearclaw topped guitars, I thought why not? He was especially fond of this piece because it real old, rang in a haunting way when tapped, and was also super stiff and very light! I remember talking with Kevin Ryan many moons ago when going back and forth on the top of my African Blackwood Cathedral. He said he goes for the stiffest and lightest piece that rings well and at the end of the day, good spruce is good spruce! This particular piece has a very rustic look as well! Here are some pics of the top with back:

and then the guitar in it's torture device:

This build is also a special build because its also a birth year guitar in honor of our daughter Emmaline Ray. Karan says she's a good brand ambassador. I said that sounds much better than a mascot!


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