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That's what they say about Adirondack spruce.

I honestly went into this expecting to love the AC422CE more. And I DID like the AC422CE a lot. It actually took me by surprise that I ended up liking the E20OM.

I'm actually kind of ticked that I've got this 35 year old vintage Guild mahogany & spruce D-25 dreadnought sitting here next to me. If I didn't already own it then my next guitar would be the mahogany & spruce E10OM orchestra model for strumming & fingerstyle. Then I'd get an E20D dreadnought for flat picking. That, in my head, would be the perfect acoustic guitarsenal. I'd be "done."

But since I already have the mahogany dreadnought then that means I'll probably get a rosewood OM. And THAT means I'll probably want to get a mahogany OM down the line.

I suppose I could sell my Guild to help fund my new acquisitions, but THAT'S NOT HAPPENING.
Eastman AC422CE - sitka & rosewood
'86 Guild D-25 - spruce & mahogany
Taylor GS Mini - spruce & rosewood
Kentucky KM-250 Mandolin - spruce & maple
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