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Default Handling nylon string breaks mid-performace?

Hi -- I've recently started using nylon strings on my Gibson Hummingbird. Yes, there is a volume drop acoustically (though not as much as you might think), but the tone is great, and the melow sound complements my (bass-baritone) voice much more so than the steel strings. (If you listen to Leonard Cohen, his nylon guitar is typically down in the mix and almost "dull" -- but it works perfectly with his voice.)

My only qualm about this is the scenario in which I might break a string in live peformance. With steel strings, you can fairly quickly get a new string on, up to pitch, and tolerably stable. But my brief experience of nylon is that it takes a long time to get pitch stability. Just wondering: surely there must be some nylon-string performers with just one guitar, and the last thing they'd want to do is pack up in the middle of a performance because of single string breaking! Are there any pro "tricks" to get that string on and up to pitch fast?
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