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So, pretty busy period in the workshop for me, with an ubber excited project called "Constellation Series". Here is a little presentation of it:

For years now, I wanted to find a special theme, for a special series of instruments. The goal should be to build special guitars for special events/customers... but I needed a pretty good theme.

So, weeks ago, I was watching stars during a night at Quebec City, and it hit me: Constellations! Astronomy fascinated me for decades now, and I've always loved those patterns, created by stars. The way they shine in a deep blue/dark sky, is incredible.

I will start the CONSTELLATION SERIES, with the "Libra". I was born in October, and I want to pay a tribute to my Zodiac sign with this #1 guitar. So, every instrument will be unique in its own way, but every piece of the Collection will have something in common.

I call Headplate/Endgraft/Rosette, the "Holy Trinity" of an instrument... and definitely, with those instruments, this term will be pretty appropriate!
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