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Final Thickness: Check.

So, this rosette is composed by 3 different parts, separated by Maple thin veneer: Pao Ferro (with a light "Sun-Pattern") & Higuerilla.

One thing I love, is to have a "Continuum" from one guitar, to the next one. As I really digged my Sasha RW projects, I caught a piece in one of its back, and inlayed in this rosette. The spiderweb figure, is lovely. I took pieces from the Pao Ferro back of this actual guitar, to have a reminder of it.

I know, a lot of my mates create segmented rosettes. This style exercise is breathtaking and I am in love with it, but I am in a different mood. "Simplicity & Purity, is the key" is kind of my credo for a couple of instruments now, and It is something I want to explore. So many possibilities in our world, and I can't say that I won't change my mind someday... this is something I love in design: No Boundaries.

As the Queens Of The Stone Age said once: "Go with the Flow"

Emotional day: HHG Sunday.

This is the first time I've ever used Hot Hide Glue. Now, I have seen the light, and I understand why everybody love to cook it! 315 High Clear stuff, from Bjorn Hide Glue, Baby! 💃💎

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