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I recently pulled my old (1991) Ovation, my first "real", and at the time, expensive, acoustic... since buying my Walden (all wood) acoustic, I really haven't played the Ovation for many years... it just hung on the wall, year after year, getting played VERY rarely. It's a great guitar, sounds good, FEELS GREAT (the neck plays like an electric, and I'm an electric guy)... but I just didn't play it.

This past summer, for some reason, I started playing it again. And I thought, "this guitar is great, it could use some love". But that didn't last. It's on the wall again, for many months now. It's not the guitar, it's me. Being primarily an electric player (especially since starting a band and building a setlist), all my playing time is electric. I'll pick up the Walden from time-to-time, but the Ovation is all but abandoned.

BUT... I could never sell it; it went thru "the war" (my band days) with me. It was the 1st acoustic I bought with my own money, and made payments on it. It was the acoustic of my youth. I sometimes wonder if I have just "moved on", mentally, and that's why I don't play it anymore. I say "mentally" because, it plays better than any acoustic I've ever held, sounds really good, and looks gorgeous.

Ditto with my old Charvel/Jackson with Floyd Rose. It languishes hanging on the wall, I'll pick it up occasionally to "get my Vai on", but really... I play my new superstrat instead. Again, could never sell it, but rarely play it. Still one of my favorite necks of all-time.

You know what my problem is? I need MORE TIME lol. It's not the guitar, it's not me.... it's lack of TIME!! I need to retire so I have the time to play ALL my guitars! LOL (I don't have a ton; 7)
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