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'Post processing' should never be looked at as a '1 size fits all' thing. A solo guitar track is much different than a guitar + voice is much different than a multiple instrument mix.

As Doug posted on page 1, getting it right "going in" is key - mic technique/placement, room acoustics. Otherwise you have to fix things just to get started.

I track in the -18 to -12dBFS range, so never worry about adding gain at the mixing stage.
I usually put a touch of compression on first to tame the loud attack (because I use a pick 90% of the time).
EQ is done in one step, so the HPF come into play. I seldom need any EQ on my Taylor except to make it sit in a mix with other instruments better. My Ibanez 12 string needs a cut on the high end/boost on the low end to balance it.
When mixing multi-instruments, I get all the levels and EQs and compression set before adding reverb to all the tracks.

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