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Originally Posted by Johnny K View Post
Since I am relatively new at all this studio stuff. Here is my seat of the pants workflow for Drum Covers.

Set up mics. Kick, Snare and 2 overheads

EDIT -- I'll get back to this shortly....

Once everything is hooked up and functioning.

Create a new set file in Ableton using a template file I created for drum covers.

Add all my backing tracks in separate channel strips.

Activate all live mic channels.

Set levels on interface.

In Ableton, I set the pans on the overheads to hard left and hard right.

Snare and kick mics are dynamic and don't need a lot of fussing about.

Run thru song a few times to get into my head what I want to do and what I shouldnt be doing on the kit for any particular song. I work out my fills and little things with hi-hats and kick/snare pattern.

Now that I am warmed up. Press record and play. If I mess up, I stop and delete by clicking "UNDO RECORD" and it wipes my active channels clean without changing any settings.

Rinse and repeat until I have a couple of takes i am happy with.

Now the fun begins

EQ and Compression to taste on the 4 drum tracks. I add additional reverb to snare mic track only.

Bounce all 4 of these to a send track with a reverb plugin and adjust sliders to balance the drums. The reverb on the send track helps to fatten the sound of the kit. I bounce the send to the Master.

I bounce the backing track to a 2nd send drop in an EQ plugin to tweak it. I bounce it to the Master also.

I set the slider sends to balance the drums and the backing track so it sounds good to me. I try to keep the sliders set below -3 db so I have some headroom to master the track.

I export the Master track to a WAV file.

I then open a new session to master the file.

I don't do a whole lot other than a EQ/Compression plugin and a Stereo Enhancer plug in. Setting the gains on those plug-ins to keep me from clipping the track.

I export the track again mastered.

Then I upload it to my iTunes and play it in various places like my car with it's hi-end stereo. Also with ear buds and closed headphones, my iPhone speaker, the soundbar on my TV and lastly computer speakers too. If it all sounds good in those places, then I'm happy.

I then use Corel VideoStudio 18 to make videos using my mastered track.

I just did my first multi-camera video yesterday.

What I don't know is how it sounds to someone who is not me. While I have a teacher who's learning me how to play the drums, I don't have someone telling how to mix and master tracks.

Without trying to sound overly self indulgent and pretentious, can someone give this a listen and tell me if it sounds OK or like total crap on your speakers.
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