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Originally Posted by coolarrow View Post
For one that has arthritis, is there an electric that is more easy on the hands? Or are most electrics the same?

i am interested in an LP but also considering Strats. I do realize that the set up and string choice make a difference. Mainly asking about the fretboard and frets.

I bought a Gretsch 2420 hollow body 2 months ago and it is not as easy on the hands as I thought it would be.

After 30+ years of strict acoustic playing (strumming chords and finger picking chord shapes) I would like to delve into more lead type playing.

I do plan on trying both of them out later on this week.

Thank you in advance.

I think the short answer is that it doesn't matter much. A shorter scale (like the 24.75 on an LP); lighter strings (really pretty much as far down as you want to go, but I'd suggest .010-.046 or lighter); and a thicker (not thinner) neck profile seem to be the three things most likely to make a difference, if anything will.
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