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I bought a new 27" iMac just a few days before the release of High Sierra, so I'm running Sierra and can't comment on any issues you might have running Pro Tools on the newer OS. The Avid Pro Audio Community forum would be a good place to get news on that.

I ordered mine with some upgrades and some compromises...

I upgraded to a 4.2GHz cpu and 32GB ram. The compromise came on the system drive. The system ships normally with a 2TB Fusion Drive but I really didn't want anything but an SSD drive. Apple charges a premium for SSD drives ($1400 for the 2TB ssd) so I went with the smallest one, 512GB, and I bought an Akitio Thunder3 Quad Mini which holds up to 4 ssd drives. That unit connects via the Thunderbolt 3 port and it's very fast.

Going from a Mac Pro to an iMac, I was a bit concerned about whether the computer could handle the load. Thankfully, it handles it quite well.
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