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Originally Posted by whvick View Post
My grandson is going to look at this archtop tomorrow
Any ideas on what it is worth?

That looks similar to my dadís old Silvertone arch top (his is blonde all over) which I believe he originally purchased during the late 60s from Sears.

His was neglected and left under a pool table for about 20 years (at least) and when I grabbed it one day I decided to get it back into playing condition. Hereís what I did (maybe give your son an idea of issues):

The arms on the open gear tuners get bent easily, and the gear actually was loose - so those needed replacing.

The glue on the plastic nut had worn out and the nut literally fell off when removing the original strings (dad was definitely not a player), but I was more than happy to replace it with a new bone one.

The floating bridge was still in great shape and the trapeze tailpiece was still in good condition albeit a bit dusty.

The floating pick guard was loose and had the start of a slight crack.

If you search reverb youíll see the values for Silvertones are all over the spectrum. Kay made a bazillion of these birch topped boxes and thereís a great website that kinda does an overview for some of the eras and models. Worth a look!
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