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The issue with almost all of these old archtops of this quality is neck angle. I bought one of an even cheaper build, Stella like, whose tailpiece laid on the top. Sure hope that bridge isn't intonated, LOL. If the frets have life, it has some kind of case or gig bag, the neck angle is reasonable and glue joints aren't cracking open, it might be ok. Probably solid birch, not a bad thing. I bought mine to hone my skills. I slipped the neck block to reset the neck angle, refretted, and because of the painted binding, put real binding on the front and back. The painted binding was cut off shortening the back after the reset. I also glued some JJBs while the back was off. Fun rootsy tone. Never good enough for swing or jazz. Puts you smack dab in the depression era. Harmonys are a cut above though.

It might be worth it for an issue free guitar, which would be rare indeed.

I've got an old 165 that needs the same reset. Any flame on the back of any of these is paint, so you have to like cheesey kitch. Still, every once in a while I can play it for hours.

On closer inspection, it's got a trussrod and binding, so it's higher up the quality scale, but still to be avoided if neck angle or frets are an issue. It's the kind of thing I'd buy as a project, at maybe $200.
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