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What I love about Karan is his incredible work ethic and his ambition to not only better himself in his craft, but also to strive to learn to do things better. When he was at Music China, he had dealer comment on his finish. Not that it was bad, but if he could improve it in certain areas, the guitar would certainly stand above many others. His build quality is great and his tone with his new Mod D body is extremely pleasing.

What did Karan do? He decided to fly to Canada to learn more! Since he was flying to Canada for the Quebec show, he tag teamed that with a guitar finish class with Michel Pellerin! Pellerin used to head the finishing department with Godin. If you've seem any of Michel's work, you know that he is a perfectionist and does an impeccable job with guitar finish. He'll spend two weeks with Michel learning and perfecting his finish technique!

Here are some pics from the Pellerin shop!

Francois (worked with michel for 17 years!) looking at wood

Michel working his magic

Sanding down old finish

Some more pics!

Originally Posted by BenjaminPaldacci View Post
It was 2 days of pure fun with Karan!

I am talking about finish class with him everyday, and he is so happy! He totally deserve that, he is an incredible builder
Glad the finishing class went well for you! I hear nothing but great things!

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