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Well, littlesmith, I'm here watching, too, as I'm somewhat going down a similar path building and learning, albeit a somewhat more traditional route.

I'm interested to see how the tune-o-matic style bridge is implemented in your design. I've seen them on a few archtops, though admittedly were on guitars with pickups. I suppose the mass would increase sustain, but wonder if that mass also acts a vibration sink preventing some transference of "vibration" to the top? Would be interested to see your findings. Do you also plan to use a roller nut, or one of the "slippery" synthetic nuts, as well? Locking tuners?

It's great to see passion; it's an admirable trait. But as they say here across the ocean, you'll need to grow some "thick skin." There'll be adversity ad every step of your journey, and learning how to overcome it is just as important as overcoming a manufacturing obstacle.