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Originally Posted by Explorer View Post
Did you actually ask? Or is that you guessing at what they would say?

Why not just ask?

Since you have been talking about how great it is to be able to learn from their expertise, it would be odd to reject knowledge which would help your project succeed, wouldn't it?
I see no problem with the bridges i am using. They don`t rattle off the guitar, so i don`t expect rattling on the guitar. This is not the cheap stuff, but a solid roller bridge. Even if it rattles my wooden bridge plate design is a basis that can house all types of bridges, classical style or acoustic guitar style with pins. Just because i don`t go around emailing luthiers because of a suggestion on a forum doesn`t make me "rejecting knowledge".

I know what i`m doing, when i have issues i will certainly reach out to somebody.

Also, i would appreciate it if you would stop responding to my thread completely from now on. Every time i post something you come with doubt or criticism that i have to dispute or prove wrong, and if i don`t agree i`m the villain. On every important post i place here, you have found a new thing wrong with it and its not once or twice, it goes back 10 pages. I don`t do that on your guitar building thread, even if i wanted to i couldn`t because you don`t have a guitar building thread, so i`m not even sure you build guitars. This negativity is costing me energy and I don`t need that in my life.

Every time you ask a "question", its really just an attack, and i spend 2 hours on a 2 page long explanation everytime, but i`m not gonna do that anymore. You have this false image of me that i`m some kind of punk that doesn`t know what he`s doing. I am an autist with actual test results that say i`m very gifted, i can do whatever i want in life and i choose luthery. I turned down 200000 euro venture capital from Colopl for a virtual reality game that i made in 2 months without any coding experience, simply because guitar building is my true passion. I made a crypto currency in 1 month that sent money from New York to Asterdam in 6 seconds, so revolutionairy that i was invited as an expert speaker in the Swedish bitcoin conferance in Sweden.

This guitar model has so many innovations, it is 10 years ahead of anything on the market including Fender, Gibson, and even the carbon companys with 2 million dollar investment.

I don`t get this anywehere but on this forum, and it`s always the same 2 or 3 people complaining on this forum for 2 years now, When i said on this forum that i needed a random orbital sander, i was called lazy, when i said i dont have money to buy it, i was accused of making a pity party, i just can`t win here. I could come in here and say i won the lottery and i will put 1 million in this company, and you would say "well research has shown that many lottery winners become very unhappy"

If i don`t like the burger king, i don`t keep coming there and complain about the burgers, i simply stop coming there and move on with my life. I don`t get this on twitter where i have 5000 organic subscribers, not in instagram where i have 1500 organic subscribers, i got people driving to my house from another country and buying a guitar (the owner of, even the owner of this forum likes my stuff.

I am doing nothing wrong and i am tired of having to defend my genuine passion. There are plenty of thread here that will be more to your liking, so kindly move on and stop replying to this thread, thank you.

build, learn, grow

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