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Thanks for the info Bill. I have been doing a lot of reading today and for a hardware solution that will take IR the LR Baggs Voiceprint was one of the mentioned ones. I think I'm going to purchase an Acoustic IR Pack that was made with McPherson Camrielle and try it in Reaper first, using ReaVerb plugin for the IR wav files, to see how satisficed I would be compared to the result I got with the Fishman Aura Spectrum. If I'm more satisfied with this IR pack for the McPherson, then I will probably invest in a hardware solution down the road if I get to the point of playing in public again (solo fingerstyle). I just bought a Boss AD10 last week, unfortunately for me that was before I read up on IR, even though I was familiar with it for years as in convolution reverb. So now I need to sale the Boss I guess. I'll report back if I have success with the IR files in Reaper, and to what degree in comparison to the Aura.

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