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Default Rosette

Mark worked on part of the rosette today.

In the first shot you can see that Mark cut 10-36 degree trapezoid pieces of Brazilian Rosewood cut from a piece similar to the headstock veneer shown in the same shot. The grain of the rosewood is radially arrayed when assembled and contrasting color is organized to create light against dark for visual interest. The piece are located on a backer.

The glued Brazilian Rosewood pieces adhered onto backer are cut out into a 0.240” wide circular rosette ring.

Here is the Brazilian Rosewood rosette ring glued up with surrounding 0.040” curly Koa purflings with 0.020” Black Fiber in a UHMW polyethylene mold.

A bunch of nice archtops, flattops, a gypsy & nylon strings…
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