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Originally Posted by BT55 View Post
You could use the D’Addario ends, take one of your leather straps and replace the nylon part.
I was considering this before I received the strap but it would take a modification of the leather strap I'm not willing to do. I used the strap at yesterday's gig and it worked great. As expected, once we got rolling I complete forgot about the strap. I'll likely continue to use it (vs. attempting to cut off the bottom strap button) when I feel the need for a locking strap.

Truth be told, the only time I ever have an issue with any guitar coming off it's strap is when I've taken the guitar off my body while leaving the strap on the guitar. Then when I put it back on the bottom gets 'turned around' and that's when the guitar suddenly pops off a short time later.

When I'm playing most of my acoustics which the guitar cord plugs in through the strap that automatically holds it in place. But with the X10 the input jack is separate. So no check there. What I need to do is fully remove the strap - at least the bottom - when I remove the guitar and then put it back on and reattach.
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