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Originally Posted by Vaillant75 View Post
Completely, bordering insanity. I remember Mark Knopfler calling guitar his "healthy obsession", no better words to describe how I feel.

Still a few weeks to go, so I need to temper my excitement as well as I can. At the same time, the building phase is quite enjoyable. Seeing the guitar shaping up and contributing (ever so slightly) to its creation is a great experience.

Now to the binding! We chose to go for a micro arm bevel. Nothing infringing on the real estate, but still a nice added comfort. And tbh I love the looks of Tom's ones.

I think healthy obsession is a great phrase for it. I'm waiting my first (and only) build next year and I get really excited just seeing other people's dreams coming to life. I reckon I could be unbearable for a while next year.
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